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Soothe irritated and flaky skin
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Tired of itchy, flaky skin?

Living with Eczema

Eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea get worse this time of the year. We grow frustrated with the recurring nature of dermatitis, and we know that you are concerned about the chemicals and significant side effects of steroids. That's why we have put together this special set to tackle the problem.

 Ingredients Matter.

Formulas you can trust.

Many beauty products, soaps and lotions may be irritants that can trigger and worsen dermatitis, that's why this line contains no fragrances, dyes or harsh chemicals. Natural oils and herbs have been used to treat skin issues for centuries. These blends are safe and effective to use anywhere and by anyone, all with minimal ingredients. Watch out also for other triggers like allergens, environment, food and stress. If you still have questions,  speak to Sajata (our formulator) she may be able to help you find a regimen that works best for you.
Reach her at (919) 922-1818 or CustomerCare@cocolene.com

Proven results, hundreds of satisfied customers.

"My son has had eczema all over since he was 3 months old. We tried countless lotions, creams, and oils that worked temporarily but the redness always returned.
This oil combined with the rescue salve cleared up his redness in 2 weeks. We use it daily now and his skin is still clear 2 months later. I am so thankful to have found this product line! It’s comforting to know that all of the ingredients are natural and I don’t think twice about using it in his sensitive skin."

Kristin H.

Derma Relief Oil

Within 5 days, it has lightened my rosacea and within a week and finally put a dent in my dark elbows. After 15 years of skin products (you name it I’ve tried it) I have finally found a solution that dermatologist could never find.

Natasha P.

Derma Relief Oil

I purchased this [Soothing Body Balm] along with the derma oil and rescue salve for relief from dry, itchy skin. I've purchased a lot of similar products this winter—none of which of I loved—but this one is fantastic. Doesn't irritate my skin. Smells wonderful. Feels good on. I initially purchased the smaller size because I didn't want to waste money on another product that wasn't great, but I'm eager to buy more to
not run out.


Derma Relief & Rescue Salve

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