Loofah 5″


Loofah’s have been added to Cocolene’s Moon Bath line to offer natural non-irritating exfoliation in your shower.

It has a couple of other clever uses.  We use this natural sponge with Lemon Bliss to wash dishes and leave hands soft. It is also goes hand in hand to help rid one of stretch marks with Superior Stretch, and most importantly we use it to keep from using synthetic plastics around your home and to exfoliate your body.

Washing with an actual plant.. that’s pretty awesome!

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Loofah is a squash plant. It grows as a vine and best grown trellised. The squash is picked, dried and skinned. What remains is what you see above and in bathtubs across the world.

This natural plant-derived sponge provides excellent exfoliating power for shower and spa. This sponge does not irritate like the synthetic sponges.

Keeping your sponge clean!

  1. Microwave it to kill the germs. Your microwave is a powerful weapon in killing germs and infection causing bacteria. You can occasionally microwave synthetic loofahs for two minutes to decontaminate it.
    • Before placing the loofah in microwave, make sure it is completely wet and does not contain any metal parts to avoid the risk of fire.
  2. Wash your loofah in the washing machine. Go ahead and give your loofah a spin in your washing machine! You should wash it every week in cold water using a mild or gentle cycle. Do not put the sponge in the dryer as the natural fibers will melt.
  3. Use essential natural oils. Essential oils have antimicrobial properties that help deter bacterial growth. They also contain no irritants or harsh chemicals, which is good for both your skin and the environment.[3]
    • On a weekly basis, soak your loofah in a solution made up of warm water and a few drops of pure essential oils.
  4. Discard your loofah if you notice mold growth or if it smells mildewy or musty. Doing so will help prevent you from catching a nasty skin infection.

This sponge will not only provide amazing bathing experience but will give your skin a natural detoxification without using chemicals.

Laundering every 3 weeks is recommended.


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