Derma Relief Box Set for eczema & dermatitis


Tired of itchy, dry, burning or irritated skin. This formula has drastically helped babies and adults alike to rid their skin of eczema and other forms of dermatitis. Feel great in your own skin!

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For Many types of Dermatitis, this Box set is for the one who is tired of the steroidal creams knowing the possible side effects.

Derma Relief: Skin Support that strengthens the skin. Instantly relieves the itchy, burning feelings.

2 Handmade Soaps – Both moisturize and nourish the skin.

Rescue Salve – helps skin that is cut or open to heal.

Soothing Body Balm – for deep hydration on areas that are not effected and even for those that are.

Herbal Bath Bag – A mixture of herbs to be used in a bath. This bag can be used a minimum of 3 times for maximum benefits.


Short baths with luke warm water is best (and as least as possible). Cut your soaps in half, and save half for a later time. See if their is a bar you feel works better on your skin.

After shower, apply Derma Relief all over skin, even on face if you have breakouts there.

Rescue Salve is for any cracked skin. If you’ve scratched and bled, clean and apply Rescue Salve.

Soothing: If your flare ups are in spots and you can moisturize the other areas of your body. Going into the pool? Protect your skin from chemicals with Soothing Balm(may apply under sunscreen).

Herbal Bath Bag- This plays a huge part in helping to rid your body of eczema.

Directions for Herbal Bath

Put bag in a gallon of water on the stove for 30 minutes. Do not boil.
2. Take bag out and place in bowl, let drain until after bath.
3. Add gallon of water to bath water and enjoy a nice bath for 20 minutes. Do not use soap.
4. Drink water that has drained.
5. Place Herbal Bath Bag in freezer to use next week.
If eczema are in very specific areas you may make a gallon and place water in fridge. Nightly, pour some into a bowl and get a white cotton washcloth, wet it, wrap around flared up area. Can wrap a bigger towel on top and then Plastic wrap to keep in place. If you can sleep in it, even better.
If you are in perfect health, drink some of the tea morning and night.
If you have liver or kidney problems, consult a physician.
If you are pregnant, do not drink and only use topically.


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