Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With natural products it is "natural" for plant botanicals to solidify when cold. Once the balm is between your fingers it will quite easily melt with your body temperature and work as intended. You may notice that your product may look a little different than it did last you bought it. The look of your Natural product may vary across lots and batches as there are no toxic preservatives in your balms to give them the look of consistency.

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We accept payments via:
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Standard delivery takes 3-7 business days shipping in the US, longer if shipping internationally.

Yes, our products are gluten free.

In case of an allergic reaction we urge you to stop using the product immediately and contact your healthcare provider. 

Yes! Our products are safe for expecting mothers, however it is always suggested to check with your physician before starting any skincare routine. 

Cocolene’s products are all natural. We use vitamin E and rosemary extract as anti-oxidants to maintain freshness and to extend the shelf life of our products. As these are also natural ingredients, it is best used within 6 months for best performance and potency. It is a advised to use clean, dry hands when using the product. We also recommend you to store balms and oils in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. If you are unsure of a products quality, use your nose as your guide or you can contact Cocolene directly at info@cocolene.com

Our products have not been tested on animals. Please contact your veterinarian with any concerns or questions regarding the use of our products or any new products on your pet.

We strive to extract raw ingredients found in nature. We do not use chemical preservatives, chemical man-made fillers, mineral oil or water. We keep our ingredients simple and understandable. If you have any questions about our ingredients please contact us at info@cocolene.com

Please call Cocolene at (919) 922-1818

Samples are only available during promotional periods, please visit cocolene.com or contact us directly at CustomerCare@cocolene.com

If you are not satisfied with your product, we will refund you fully when we receive the unused portion of your product. Return Policy