Chamomile Flowers

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 What you'll need:

Kettle (stainless steel or ceramic): what you'll boil your water in

Teapot or mug with a lid: what you'll steep your tea in, which is not your kettle

1 tsp of dried chamomile flowers (about 1 gram)

infusion device (like a tea ball, heat seal tea bag, piece of cheesecloth and string, or steep loose and use a strainer after steeping)

8oz of filtered water and hot water from the tap

 Steps for Brewing Chamomile Tea

1. Fill the tea pot or mug you'll be steeping in with hot tap water to warm the container.

2. Fill your infusion device with the chamomile. If steeping without a device (called "loose-leaf"), wait until step 4 to add your chamomile.

3. Heat 6-8oz of filtered water in your kettle on your stove to first boil (when the water just begins to form small bubbles). Remove from heat.

4. Empty your tea pot or mug of the tap water and add the chamomile to this container. Pour water from the kettle over the chamomile, and cover. This helps to fully release the oils and matricin from the flower, enhancing the taste and medicinal components of your cup of tea.

5. Steep (let sit) for about 5 minutes. In the future you can adjust the amount of chamomile you use and steep time to taste, but steeping too long may result in a more bitter flavor.

6. Uncover and remove your infusion device from your tea pot or mug. If you steeped loose-leaf, pour the steeped tea through a strainer into a 2nd mug.

Your chamomile tea is ready to enjoy. You may add milk, honey, or sweetener to taste though doing so may alter the natural taste and medicinal benefits of your chamomile tea. I prefer this tea with nothing added.



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