Cocolene’s Mission:

Cocolene is simply human- always learning, listening, sharing and most importantly taking action using acquired knowledge. Our mission at Cocolene is to create high quality, safe skincare by capturing nature- simple, raw, and undisguised. We passionately pursue our dreams of being a strong health advocate for people and our environment. Cocolene is committed to making ethical decisions to sustain and protect planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Our Goal: 

Cocolene becomes the standard of quality and a household brand. Replacing everyday products that silently wreak havoc on our health.

Our Packaging:

At Cocolene we use glass containers. Plastics (especially those with products containing phthalates) break down and leach dangerous chemicals into your products causing turmoil to your immune, endocrine, and reproductive systems. They cause childhood asthma, metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dermatitis and neurological problems. Studies have shown that BPS and BPF (BPA alternatives) may have even worse consequences than BPA in plastic containers.

To maintain our promise of a toxin free product, we choose glass!


Did You Know? 

Cocolene has banned over 1300 toxic ingredients that are regularly found in your everyday products.

Using gentle yet potent plant extracts, therapeutic essential oils, organic, or wildcrafted ingredients, with the occasional safe synthetic, we create high quality skincare and wellness products by capturing nature’s best. In appreciation and for respect to our environment, Cocolene is committed to making ethical decisions to sustain, and protect our home, planet Earth.

GMO Free, Tested on Humans – not Animals, Dye Free, Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, no Petroleum here.

Free of toxins, loaded with Botanical Goodness, that’s our promise to you!